Android/Arduino fertilizer monitor

DIY Homemade Liquid Fertilizer Monitor

After seeing a in-furrow and 2X2 fertilizer monitor system at the Farm Progress Show ($10,000+), I built this DIY system with an Android tablet, an Arduino based control box, and Amazon $10 flowmeters for around $800.


GPA Graph on Tablet


Gang of meters


3D printed meter blocks

I've simplified the fertilizer monitor app to just a graph of gallons per acre by row. I run electric pumps for my infurrow and 2X2 systems. I don't look at pressure. I adjust the gallons per acre by watching the monitor and adjusting the flow.

Here are approximate prices to build a system.

Purchase as needed:
Samsung Tab A6 type tablet - $100 to $150
1-16 row control box with JST connectors: $300
1-16 row control box with 37 pin round AMP connector: $400
App that runs on the Android - Somewhere between free & $300 if it works okay for you.
Flow meters from Amazon - Digiten 1/4 Quick Connect 0.3-10L/min Water Hall Effect Flow Sensor Meter - $10 each
DIGITEN 3/8 Inch Quick Connect Water Flow Sensor Switch Flowmeter Counter 0.3-10L/min - $8 each
Optional plastic flowmeter holder blocks for 1/4 quick connect meters - $7.50 / row
Gerber file for flowmeter holder - free
Wiring for JST connector control box, you will need 1 or more extension cables per row:
      Solder your own parts kit: $3/row
      I'm trying to source some 20cm and 30cm prebuilt extension cables. Check with me.
Wiring for AMP connector control box:
     AMP Connector, pins, pin romoval tool: $50 + $3/row
Tablet holder & mount - $20 or make your own. Gerber file - free.