DIY Android / Arduino planter monitor

Homemade Android / Arduino Planter Monitor

Population, Singulation, and seed graphics on the outFARMING planter monitor.


A little description: Here on the Home screen, Population is in seeds per acre (or hectare). Singulation of 100% is perfect. No gaps or doubles. Planter speed is in MPH or KPH. The graphics behind the tractor show what has happened for the previous 15 seconds. Each box is about 1/2 second that corresponds to about 6 seeds being dropped. A green box indicates no skips or doubles. A yellow box indicates a skip occured. A purple box indicates a double where the seed meter dropped 2 seeds rather than 1. A red box indicates an out of seed condition or blocked seed tube (sounds alarm).

Here are the basics of the planter monitor app

Video 2: High / Low Warnings for Population and Singulation

Video 3: Population and singulation graphs, & seed spacing display

Video 4: General settings

Video 5: How to test your planter harness pre-season

Video 6: Hopper function to monitor seed left

The control box hooks to the planter harness and communicates to the tablet via bluetooth.