Internet Connected Devices


We (you and me) have the capability of having remote sensors alert us when conditions change. I have a solar powered device in my field that sends soil and air temperature to me hourly. The gadget that does it is a "Particle Electron". See I developed a web based system that I (you also) can configure to send a message or email to us when a event of our choosing happens. Events like electricity going off, field temperature and moisture, motion detectione, pumps running too long, or a garage door left open too long.

Here's are the screens and the actual Login is here. I will allow you to add your own Electron, Proton, or Boron to my system for 90 days without other arrangements. Contact me for help. I'll eventually publish some programs and instructions for the Particle devices that talk to the Internet and have sensors attached.
Step 1: Add yourself as a User. Step 2: Define who you are and phone / email addres for the alerts Step 3: See your devices or add from here.
Step 4: Identify the device with its long id number that gets sent over the internet. Step 5: Set up what alerts you want (message, email). View log of the device.
This is a Particle "Electron" with temperature and moisture sensors. Probe with solar charger. In the field.