Fertilizer Monitor System

DIY Liquid Fertilizer Monitor Pricing:

This is a do-it-youself project. You will have somewhere around $700 to $1000 invested for a 16 row system with you assembling the wiring and mounting the flow meters. Call for what I've experienced over past 3 years with my system and a couple others. See more detail below the pictures.

You will need an Android Tablet (7"-8" model Samsung is my favorite), a tablet holder, charging cables, a method of charging the tablet such as a USB adapter from a cigarette type port, the app, a wiring harness or extension wires, a control box, flow meters (1 per row), wiring for the control box (+12V and ground), some method of holding the flow meters, a manifold to supply fertilizer to each row (one could come off the back of existing sight tubes).

For up to 12 gal/acre/row rate, the 1/4" flow sensors are sufficient (1/4" tubing). For higher rates you may need to purchase 3/8" tubing and sensors.


The fertilizer app running on Android


control box options


12 row circuit


Meter support


Stacked blocks


Meter blocks bolted on frame behind sight tubes.


16 row AMP connector harness


Tablet holder


Tablet holder bracket


DIY Manifold


DIY motor controller


The manifold is a 3" PVC schedule 40 water pipe. I drilled holes and tapped them to mount threaded John Guest™ quick connect adapters. I run electric pumps for my infurrow and 2X2 systems and built my own motor controller with LCD screen showing % of full power. I don't look at pressure. I adjust the motor power by watching the monitor.

Prices are subject to change as parts prices fluctuate.

Purchase as needed:
Samsung Tab A6 type tablet - $100 to $150
1-12 row control box with JST connectors: $300 (1 on hand as of 5/8/21)
1-16 row control box with JST connectors: $300 (1 on hand as of 5/8/21)
1-16 row control box with 37 pin round AMP connector: $400
App that runs on the Android - Somewhere between free & $300 if it works okay for you.
Flow meters from Amazon - Digiten 1/4 Quick Connect 0.3-10L/min Water Hall Effect Flow Sensor Meter - $10 each
DIGITEN 3/8 Inch Quick Connect Water Flow Sensor Switch Flowmeter Counter 0.3-10L/min - $8 each
Optional plastic flowmeter holder blocks for 1/4 quick connect meters - $7.50 / row
Gerber file for flowmeter holder - free
Wiring for JST connector control box, you will need 1 extension cable per row:
      Solder your own parts kit: $3/row
      I solder the parts: $10/row
Wiring for AMP connector control box:
     AMP Connector, pins, pin romoval tool, solder your own kit: $60 + $3/row
     AMP Connector, pins, I solder your harness: $60 + $15/row
USB Adapter - $5.00 or buy locally for cheaper
Tablet holder & mount - $20 or make your own. Gerber file - free.

To purchase parts or a system, email me at Jim (at sign) outfarming.com. I will need to determine what harness connections are necessary.