RTK Soil Survey Stick

Locate spots with RTK accuracy using Survey Stick

For farmers to capture locations of tile, planting obstacles, soil samples, etc. Same options as Soil Sampling App but with RTK correction for 2 cm accuracy. Can flag single items and/or path followed. Uses cell phone for NTRIP correction.

The app from OutFARMING: $150

See additional parts list under pictures.


Survey stick


You will need to supply an Android cell phone and install an NTRIP app (I use free Lefebure NTRIP app), appropriate cell phone holder, and 6'+ pole (aluminum painter pole).

On Sparkfun.com, go to Home/Tutorials/GPS-RTK2 Hookup Guide and find the "Connecting the ZED-F9P to a Correction Source.

You may need to use the free U-Blox U-Center software to configue the F9P to output NMEA GGA and VTG sentences to the serial port.

Parts: Sparkfun GPS-RTK2-SMA Breakout - ZED-F9P (Qwiic) $275
Sparkfun GPS Antenna Ground Plate $6.25
Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate Silver$28
Digikey.com ANN-MB-00-00 GNSS/GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna w/SMA $60 Sparkfun Female Headers $1.50 Buy my plastice dome with pole end adapter: $40
USB cable as needed
Survey app from me: $150
If you want me to assemble and program the F9P: $200
A cell phone holder: I haven't tried this but it looks promising: Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount, 360 Rotation Universal Bicycle Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder Stand Cradle Clamp
mini/12/11 Pro/XR/XS MAX, Samsung Galaxy S20 $11 - $18 on Amazon

You will need to buy a special data cable to go from the antenna to the cell phone (find on Amazon). The antenna end needs to be a USB type C male connector and the other end needs to be a male connector matching your phone's charging/data port. I use a USB C male to USB C data exchange cable with a USB C to USB micro converter.

Prices are subject to change as parts prices fluctuate.
To purchase parts or a system, email me at Jim (at sign) outfarming.com.