Crop Watch 2018 (page 2)  
Over 9' Agrigold 6499 RM 112 Dekalb 60-69 RM 110 Dekalb 62-78 RM 112 Saw several 2 ears/stalk Pioneer 1178 RM 113 Saw several 2 ears/stalk
Pioneer 1366 RM 113 Beck's 6274 RM 112 saw some 2 ears/stalk Beck's 6365 RM 113 Hefty 5212 RM 102 Hefty 5003 RM 100
Knee high by the 4th of July. That was a true goal when I was a teen. I could not reach the top leaves on several varieties today (taller than 8').
These ears are NOT necessarily representative of the varieties. I pulled apart one stalk per variety to have a general look for rows of kernels per ear and kernels per row.
Typical ears can have 14 rows around. 16 is desirable. 18 is extremely good. I've seen only a few 20's. Typical kernels per row can vary...35 may be fairly normal.
An ear with 14 rows around and 35 kernels per row gives 490 kernels per ear. 16 rows by 35 kernels gives 560 (good total yield). 18 by 35 gives 630 kernels (smiles).
Only 1 of these ears had 14 rows around. The others are 16 and 18. Kernels per row...many of these ears have 40+. Time will tell if these fill out to 40. It's common
for ears to "tip back" and abort the end kernels. The determining factors are the right amount of sun, rain, nitrogen, and other nutrients.
I sent 2 soil samples and 1 leaf sample to a lab a week ago. I should be getting results in 1 to 2 days. I'm waiting to see nitrogen levels and micronutrients.

Asgrow beans showing spots from Cobra herbicide? Pretty much the whole field has spots

Last week the beans looked mostly yellowish with patches of dark green in the field. They needed herbicide for weeds and a corn killer.
They didn't have these spots...cousins say this could be the Cobra and/or heat or other products in the spray.
Other than the spots, the beans have started their reproductive stage and will hopefully grow out of the spotted leaf look.

Oh, and as I left, the farm got another 1.5" of rain. I'm guessing good for the corn. Probably bad for the beans.