Planter Monitor  

This is a screen shot of the 2019 app running on my cell phone. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" tablet 8GB, Wi-Fi in my tractor. Here on the Home screen, Population is in seeds per acre. Singulation of 100% is perfect. No gaps or doubles. Planter speed in MPH can be set from how fast the seeds are coming out or GPS. MPH based on GPS will display if you go to settings on the Android device and turn on Location Services and Use GPS satellites. The graphics behind the tractor show what has happened for the previous 15 seconds. Each box is about 1/2 second that corresponds to about 6 seeds being dropped. A green box indicates no skips or doubles. A yellow box indicates a skip occured. A purple box indicates a double where the seed meter dropped 2 seeds rather than 1. A red box indicates an out of seed condition or blocked seed tube (sounds alarm). You may view more information by going to the User Manual, click here (not everything is up to date).

Here's my tablet on my test stand. Notice the RAM mount (TM) holding the tablet.

The 2015 beta version requires this control box hook to be hooked to the existing planter harness between the planter and the old planter monitor. 2019 update: I build the control box to run stand-alone now. Power with +12V and ground are needed. The green circuit board taps into the signals from the each planter row sensor and talks to the Android device via a bluetooth connection.

The control box hooks into the existing planter harness where it joints the cable from the old monitor. It may be along the planter frame or inside the tractor cab. Duct tape around the harness or wire ties hold it in place. (2019: I had tractor problems and had to borrow a tractor to finish planting. I put the control box on the planter frame pwered by a 12v garden tractor battery.)

My setup in the tractor: The old monitor is sitting straight in front of me where it has always been connected.

The Android tablet sits to the right a bit. Sorry the picture isn't clear. I shot this in February inside the machine shed.

The tablet is held by this RAM mount. That's a brand name you may be familiar with. I turned it around here so you could see how I mounted it. I'm looking at providing two or three options to hold the tablet. (The light grey box is a control box for my autosteer.)

Looking closely, you can see that I have a USB charger adapter in the tractor cigarette lighter with the normal Android charging cord running up to the tablet. The tablet will only run about 3 hours without charging.