Liquid Flow Meter  
1 line Liquid Flow Monitor 3 Line Gang Flow Monitor App

Fall 2017: The flow meter is designed for monitoring liquid fertilizer flow on planters. The white plastic part has a 1/4" inlet and outlet which hooks inline with the fertilizer tube going to one row. The electronics is a microprocessor and bluetooth transmitter that sends the flow/acre to an App that runs on an Android tablet or cell phone. The meter is powered by Y-ing into the seed sensor harness at the row being tested.

Spring 2018: I now have an app to display the flow. Powering the flow meters off the seed sensor harness works okay but trying to communicate to an Android tablet from individual row sensors with bluetooth devices on each row didn't seem to work. I could not get more than 3 bluetooth devices to connect at a time. Of course, I haven't heard of any other app that communicates with more than one bluetooth device. So I changed the app to alternate between rows. I didn't like that too well so I built a control box for 3 flow meters (and another for 4). By extending the original wires from the flow meters, this setup could easily monitor 12 flow monitors or more.