DuoRate Controller  

The DuoRate Controller is a gear/sprocket addition to the transmission of a planter to allow variable plant populations. Click here to go to the DuoRate website.

This is a new circuit board allowing one to control most any on/off device remotely via a bluetooth signal to the onboard relay. This is what controls my DuoRate device.

This is a video of my DuoRate controller to give variable rate planter populations. In 2016 I hooked my DuoRate into my planter monitor and had the prescription running on the same tablet as my monitor. Over the winter, I stripped out the prescription part of the app to just control the DuoRate. (Can't market my planter monitor due to patent regulations.) The video shows the prescription on the tablet and how it controls a relay to turn the DuoRate on and off. I am now marketing the DuoRate prescription app and control box. Availability will be limited.