Fall 2018 Sampling Results  

Scroll down to see the soil samples!

September 2018: I pulled soil samples for determining fertilizer needs for the 2019 crop. I have decided to grow all corn for 2019. 1) I like the idea of a 3 year rotation: corn, corn, soybeans. It has benefits in developing organic material. 2) With the tariff wars and China failing to buy US soybeans for some time the soybean prices are low and there is a glut of US stocks of beans. 3) I feel I can increase my ROI with corn easier than with soybeans...meaning increase my yield easier with corn.

I took soil samples on a 2 1/2 acre grid using my soil sampling app to guide me to the spots. You can see my travel pattern through the field. Samples were sent to Omaha for analysis. Besides the reports you see here, I requested the information in a .csv format that I could import into a spreadsheet for analysis and planning. For 2019, I established yield goals for each 2 1/2 acre grid and then developed fertilizer plans for each.

I am posting the results with permission from Midwest Labs.