High Yield Attempts 2018  

Scroll down to see the soil and tissue samples!

Besides the variety test trials that I'm doing, 40 acres of corn are using various nutrients and growth promotion from Genesis Ag (touted by some of the national yield contest winners).

I also have 40 acres with products from Central Iowa Agronomy and Supply (from Bob Streit and Marv Mortenson - who are local crop consultants and agronomists but have international ties and do extensive
research on high yield projects.

The north 40 acres of corn have Genesis Ag's basic corn package. Before planting, I treated the seed with their Invigor 8 by spraying it on the seed while tumbling it in a cement mixer.
In furrow at planting went Carbose and (was supposed to be Zernergy which showed up late). In furrow I applied 3 - 4 gallons of 10-24-6? liquid fertilizer using Keeton seed firmers on rows 1-4 and rows 9-12. Rows
5 - 8 have Precision Planting furrow jets. I run 32% liquid fertilizer out the back of the planter using a 2X2X2 arrangement putting it 2 inches out from the row and 2 inches down and 2 inches out on the other side but dribbled on top.

Rain prevented proper spraying at the V3 growth stage. I finally had the corn sprayed by airplane with Carbose, VitaNterra, and Microboom.
I've applied products to the south 40 acres of corn from Central Iowa Agronomy and Supply. (from Bob Strait and Marv Mortenson) Ground was strip tilled last fall with P & K, S, and B. SabrEX PB seed inoculant was put in planter boxes with the seed. In furrow went Biodyne 401, Vitazyme, Moly, and BioEmpruv. At V4-V6 I sprayed BioEmpruv, Moly, MainStay Si, Take-Off with Argosy and Indicate-5. At about V14, it had rained enough that it was unclear whether the Hagie sprayer would get stuck or not, so I had BioEmpruv, Folicure, and Argosy applied by spray plane.

July: I pulled 2 soil samples to get a feel if the extra P & K & lime that I applied would show up. Also complete micronutrient analysis and a soil health assessment (including H3A Haney test, Solvita CO2 burst test, organic C/N ratio). Looked at the results and compared to goals I've developed by going to the Hefty brothers soils clinics. Also took 3 corn leaf samples. I am posting the results with permission from Midwest Labs.