Loading Soil Test Results into Ag Leader SMS Software(TM)    

Follow these steps to load your soil sample results into SMS (TM) using the "csv" format (comma separated value) created with a spreadsheet program. Here's the spreadsheet:

Open SMS.

After opening SMS, select "Read Files."

Select "Import a file from a generic source."

Select "Management Items Files (Product Lists)
"Text Files"
"Comma delimited text (*.csv)"
and then the "Select File(s) to Import" bar at the bottom.

Use the open file box to go find and select your csv file that has the soil test results.

On the Select text format page, select "Comma Delimited Records" and set "Number of Header Lines" to 1. The Date format can be left at "MDY" or changed to fit your needs.

On the Select Lat/Lon page, set the "Select Latitude Column" to "Latitude" and the Longitude to "Longitude".
What you are doing is telling the program that the spreadsheet column labeled Latitude is indeed the Latitude, etc.

For the Select Import Type page, select the button labeled "Add to Management Heirarchy"
Select the Import Data Type to be "Soil Sampling".

On the Assign Columns to Import page:
Highlight "Sample#" under File Column
Press the button "Assign Column"

Select "Use as attribute"
On the Attribute Group, select "Soil Sampling"
On the Attribute(s) box, select "Soil Sample ID"

Repeat the process for other attributes. This screen is for pH.

You can see under the "Column Mapping" column, the attributes I selected.

On the Import Clipping Options, select No clipping and Next.

On the Management Selection page you assign who and what farm / field the soil sample belongs to.
You can start by selecting the "Auto-Select Grower / Farm / Field".
If this doesn't assign the correct values, change as needed.

On the Import Review screen, if everything looks good, select Finish
You should then see the soil sample in your field heirarchy, be able to select it, and map it.