Progress on my planting by prescription.   

I created a prescription for population using my Ag Leader SMS(TM) software and exported it to a csv file. My prescription breaks down my East Side field into 8,920 squares with each square given its GPS coordinates and target plant population.

With modifications to my planter monitor software, I imported the prescription and can compare my actual position (GPS coordinates) to the prescription. Running the planter monitor in demo mode I am able to see on my field map how well the planter would copy the prescription. After several tweeks, I am satisfied that I can use my program to switch my Duo-Rate(TM) device to vary the planter population. The Duo-Rate is soon to be connected to my control box so it's all automatic. I'm waiting to move my planter to the heated workshop.
February 2016 update: By day 3 of planting last Spring, I had my Duo-Rate working with my monitor and control box. This Spring I will generate a prescription with lowered plant population in poorer areas and also a test strip across the field.