What's here? Information I'm learning about farming and Android apps I've created: Planter monitors. Field Notes. Soil Sampling. A DuoRate controller. Internet Of Things... Click on images!

Variety Test Plot Results Summer Crop Watch at the Boone County Home Farm High Yield Attempts / Soil & Tissue Sampling / Soil Health Assessment (Haney, Solvita CO2 Burst) Variety Test Plot Setup
Air and Soil Temps Rain GDU's
Click picture for soil temp, air temp, and soil moisture at the Boone County Home Farm Liquid Flow Monitor Liquid Flow Monitor App
Remote monitoring and control of devices over Internet Research on test stand for a JD vac planter How good are Precision™ finger meters?
Inexpensive GPS / RTK Autosteer Soil Sampling & App Planter Monitor
DuoRate controller for variable rate planting Liquid Flow Monitor Field Notes on map
Solar powered soil temperature and moisture probe. Info to cell phone. Planter test stand and app Row Unit computer for controlling seed squirter.
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