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I have a solar powered box that will be set in the field at our farm to monitor soil and air temperature and soil moisture. The temps are uploaded to the webpage via a cell phone connection using a Particle Boron.

4/14/21: New Boron arrived yesterday. Made a new case for the electronics behind a small solar cell. It's currently set in our garden. Will move to our farm in the next few days if all goes well.

4/23/21: New Boron lasted 1 1/2 hours. Flashes red. Cannot reset. I am talking to the Particle Service Department and ordered another one. From some of the documentation I read, I think the failure was related to it loosing power at a critical time as its LiPo battery drained. The last report to my webpage showed the SoC (State of charge) at .10 so the battery was almost dead when I hooked it up. I have ordered a large LiPo battery and will try it again. I'm hoping Particle will replace the failed Boron.

The graph may be empty or have weird spikes and valleys are a result of malfunctions of the device, taking it home, modifying the program, etc.

   *******Probe needs to be reset*******';